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400hp Twin Turbo V8 MORRIS MINOR - V8 Morris Head-to-Head - Part 1 of 2

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Welcome to The Friday Feature powered by H&H

In this, the first of two video, I introduce a simply awesome piece of British Engineering. A Morris Minor, that originally had a 1 litre engine producing about 30 horsepower, powered by a Range Rover V8 with two turbo chargers from a McLaren 12C. Inspired by Nick Mann's awesome car from the 1980's which at the time held the title of the worlds fastest street car, this Morris Minor is something pretty special.

In part 1 with take a detailed look at the car thanks to owner Simon, and then in part 2 we look at another stunning V8 Morris. A Chevy V8 powered Morris Oxford.

Set back and enjoy !

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