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Anime World Cup [AMV] - Big Contest 2019

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Activate subs, it's soccer time!
Soccer is my favorite sport; when I was young I wanted to become a (soccer) player, an unrealized dream because of the stupid mentality of that period "you are a girl, you can't play it".
Last year when I watched the remake of Captain Tsubasa I wanted to edit something about this beautiful sport.
So here you are "Anime World Cup", as a result of my love for AMV and soccer.
I would like to say thank you to all people who supported me in the last 5 months of working, thank you guys!

Ps- If you played Fifa 2004, you'll probably recognize "Jerk it out"
Also, a little note: dialogues are invented


Anime Used:

Big Contest 2019:
- Most original video
- Best use of multiple sources
- Audience choice
- 2nd place in Best Video
- 2nd place in Best Fun
- 3rd in Best Presentation

- Best in The Show at Otakon 2019
- Best Dance/Fun at Abunai! 2019
- Audience Choice Award at Matsuricon VES
- Best Action at AnimeFest
- Best Fun/Upbeat at Con-Nichiwa
- Fan Favorite at Anime Festival Orlando (AFO)
- Finalist at Anime California 2019
- Finalist at Nan Desu Kan 2019

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