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????ARIES???? Witch Spirit messages for you ✨tarot reading

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????ARIES???? Witch Spirit messages for you ✨tarot reading
What advice does your ancestral witch spirit have for you!
My purpose with this reading is to deliver the truth in hopes to set you free ???? to encourage you to tap into your inner SELF/POWER and create the future that you deserve and want????

???????????? If you are interested in getting a more personalized reading based on your energy please send your request to the following email address: romancefulltarot@

Readings I am currently offering are below. 
Quick YES or NO answer to 1 question : 10 US (answer delivered my e-mail) within 24 hours )
Quick 1 question reading : 30 US
Mini Reading: 2-3 Questions $ US
Emergency Mini reading : 80 US ( return within 24 hours)
Full Reading 3 to 5 Questions Maximum $ US
Emergency  full reading : $100 US - Return within 24hours!
Express emergency reading : $150 US-Return within 12 hours!!

????????Donation link : Thank you to everyone who has so generously sent in a donation. It is greatly appreciated!

Disclaimer: This reading is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as/or in place of professional counsel. Romancefull Tarot is not accountable or responsible for any outcomes of situations discussed during this reading or for decisions made by viewers based upon any messages and/or advice given in this reading.

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