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NEW SUPER SONIC LEVEL 5 GAMEPLAY | Sonic Forces Speed Battle #Sonic30th

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They said it wasn't possible, they said it couldn't be done, but lo and behold, Super Sonic has arrived to Sonic Forces Mobile. Big shout outs to everyone at SEGA HARDlight for allowing me to showcase their new runner.

In terms of stats, Super Sonic's Speed, Acceleration, and Stregnth is the exact same as Modern Sonic. The only difference is his exclusive item Super Sonic Form, which allows Sonic to transform mid-race and boost super fast through the stage. Similar to Generations and other games, you will need to first collect 50 rings to transform and your ring count goes down once you start to boost.
With that being said, at a low level, Super Sonic has a tendency of burning through his rings very fast so use it at your own risk. After you revert back to regular Sonic, you will be stuck with 0 rings and will be vulnerable to players who could easily outrun you. But at high levels, Super Sonic could easily go from 4th to 1st in a heartbeat. Let me know what you all think about the character below.
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