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Stickman Super Hero | Naxeex | Intro video android HD

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Fresh update is around the corner. Will update the link as soon as it rolls to the market!

About the game:
• Amazing stick hero with super flying, super kick, spider wall climbing and laser eyes at your disposal
• Big cartoon style city with colorful houses, transport and dynamic change of weather is open for your avenger
• A variety of enemies from criminal stick figures and cops to the brutal boss are waiting for you to fight
• Shop with different powerful weapons, stylish clothes and other cool items
• Epic quests, crazy racing, shooting, achievements, bonuses, secrets, real adventures and action!
Are you ready to war with the crime? Battle multicolored gangsters and other dummies with funny ragdoll physics! Bring holy anger on the streets with your incredible abilities to set justice in the comics city!
Use your chance, start the game, become a legend!

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