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Strategy Game + Hentai = ???

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Strategy Game + Hentai = ???

What if you, as the main character, are a random villager, and a lovely general declares you have the right in the Chinese Thorne War to challenge?!
Then you fight many lovely women generals, and you're lewd with her when you win!?

Now is the time to watch the video to get a summary of the conclusion!


Game: Love n War: Warlord by Chance
Developer: Reborn Entertainment (2021)
Publisher: Steam (English Language) (Curren Available)


Horny Maple is searching for an eroge game (エロゲ), a Hentai game, an 18+ game, or something similar.

Horny Maple, who speaks three languages (Thai, English, and Japanese), can assist you in translating a language such as Japanese to English or English to Japanese and possibly Thai. To assist you or the game developer in growing our 18+ Kingdoms community. (Set a price, but I guarantee it will be less than you expected.) Alternatively, if you want to know what game you should play or want someone to review or play the in-game genre of 18+, it will be my honor.

Mail: @ (Business Only like from above statement)

For someone who wants to talk just comment!

#LoveNWar #steam #Harem

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