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When The Battle Chooses You | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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What do you do when you're facing a battle that's bigger than you? What do you do when that battle chooses you? Take courage you have a friend who knows how to fight! God is on your side and His purpose will prevail in your life.

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Section Titles:
0:00 - Are You Facing A Battle That’s Bigger Than You? (2 Chronicles 20, verse 17)
4:39 - Some Marriage Advice
8:20 - I Didn’t Choose This Battle (Verses 1-2)
11:12 - Learning To Run To God In A Fight
13:45 - Don’t Take On A Battle That Is Not Yours
16:57 - Am I Fighting The Wrong Battle?
19:47 - When You Didn’t See It Coming
22:49 - Try This Prayer This Week (Verses 6-7)
25:33 - This Isn’t My Fault! (Verses 8-10)
30:14 - If God Gave It, It’s His To Protect (Verse 11)
32:17 - Change Your Focus (Verses 13-14)
34:26 - Are You Fighting On The Wrong Level?
40:54 - The Battle Is Not Yours (Verses 15-16)
43:11 - God Is Fighting For You (Verse 17)
44:30 - Focus On The Goodness of God (Verses 18-19)
46:14 - Face It By Faith (Verse 20)
47:44 - Use Gratitude As Your Strategy (Verses 21-23)

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When The Battle Chooses You | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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